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Lunation 29 April 2014 and Grand Trine

I am writing this article as of 25 March 2014, meaning that we are only a few weeks until the Cardinal Grand Cross hits it’s greatest moment of tension. The Jupiter Pluto opposition with Uranus in T square has been discussed in previous posts and it will only take Mars, now just three weeks from forming the Cardinal Grand Cross to ramp up global tension to a height we have yet to witness.

The Cardinal Grand Cross is also discussed in previous posts, so I am not going to duplicate the same information here but suffice it to say the global events that will ultimately expose what no longer works and has no alternative but to change, is the battle ground on which a new world order will be fought; this includes (and the list is not exhaustive) world currencies, trade, corporate power, governments and international relations. In the last years since 2008 we have seen systems start to crumble, like the sub prime mortgage generating the global recession, then the Arab Spring leading to civil unrest in many countries and recently the annexation of Crimea where no solution is remotely possible without conflict.

The event of global reform was predicted and published by a few mundane astrologers but largely ignored. I expect the predictions to come over the next six years as we witness the painful transition into a new societal structure to be ignored also, but this astrologer assures you it will come regardless. Some evidence of what was predicted now lies behind us. What is to come is also predicted and may help those prepared to listen and act while the opportunity to prepare for what must come remains.

We have seen the world structures and regimes crumble in six short years What we have not seen yet is how the world tends to change for the better. And we will not see it in 2014 either but the Cardinal Grand Cross will lay bare the problems and why in finding the solution it is impossible to keep the status quo as it is. Something / someone / people among the ‘haves’ have got to share or people among the ‘have nots’ will die (in areas of conflict will continue to die) by the thousands. ....And what is notable is that ‘we the people’ will act within the collective unconscious as judges of those with predatory and ruthless intentions or those who are morally barren and self serving. So those who do not become part of the solution will be consigned to the rubbish heap of history.

As the group ‘Anonymous’ state; ‘We do not forgive. We do not forget.’

The Cardinal Grand Cross manifests as Mars applies as early as 11 April 2014 but will reach it’s greatest intensity at the full moon and total lunar eclipse of 15 April 2014. I expect the closing of this lunar cycle to be incredibly intense, as the Cardinal Grand Cross remains strong until Mars pulls out of reach to Jupiter on 4 May 2014.

So when the lunation of 29 April appears at 8.51 of Taurus, the Cardinal Grand Cross will still apply. Every planet is in aspect to something but the most prominent of these aside from the Grand Cross is a Sun / Moon semi square to Venus and a Grand Cross in water between Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron.

The semi square shows the tensions between powers and which values they aspire to promote. Where the lunation is inconjunct to Mars in Libra, Venus is inconjunct to the North Node that is also in Libra. Both views postulate the sentiment of fairness but from alternate perspectives. In some ways this typifies the problems faced within the Cardinal Grand Cross where neither position has a monopoly or a consensus of what is right or wrong. When this lunation begins, people will begin to see how messy the situation becomes.

Emotions are set to run high. Opposing sides will be seeking change but only from their opponent. Where the Cardinal Grand Cross runs for 24 days, the Grand Water Trine will run for 51 days; starting 26 April 2014 and ending 16 June 2014. It is enough time for everyone to get thoroughly bogged down into a war of attrition with no appreciable forward progress remotely possible; watch out for the brief grand sextile on 9 May 2014 but it is fleeting and whatever opportunity is presented will be passed over.

The Grand Water Trine is made up of Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron. The relationship between Jupiter and Saturn, the societal planets are well document but how Chiron impacts on society is perhaps a good opportunity to see how strongly Chiron influences societal behaviour and in what way.

Chiron, according to mythology, received a wound from Hercules that could never heal. In the world today there are a number of such wounds; one of the most obvious being the almost 100 year conflict that is Israel and Palestine. Another is the growing chasm between the haves and the have nots. Money, that has no real value since it is largely conjured out of thin air by banks, influences political will, ideology and stifles technological / medical / social advancement where profit is either threatened or absent.

Society has generally tried to work within the structure set out for it by its leaders. And yet we have to consider why today our prisons are bursting at the seems, millions live a poor existence through lack of money or employment and even in this so called enlightened age there are nations ill at ease with each other. In short, it is blatantly obvious that the current system does not work.

The root cause of the current ‘wound’ is being pointed squarely at money; whether this be through the petrodollar, investment banks, fractional reserve banking, usury or simply the way the capitalist system is designed to syphon all the money from the poor to the rich. Politicians, bought and paid for by the very corporations who want to see their self interest continue, become part of the problem because they do not serve the people who elected them. This makes the entire system rotten to the core.

So expect Chiron to putrefy the rotting flesh on the bones of a dying societal system, amplifying the wound until it is too big to miss. Jupiter still opposes Pluto until 26 May 2014 and Jupiter is the first to leave the Cardinal Grand Cross, meaning that the seeds of mistrust and separation are sown, ever wider as individual nations take their usual pointless patriotic perspective, where a global solution is the only thing that can work.

Chiron is traveling through the sign of Pisces, highlighting all the inherent problems with large corporations, government departments, the welfare system, hospitals, prisons, drugs, oil and anything to do with an oppressor putting down the underdog. There is lots to choose from here as all examples are very much live and active at present.

A Grand Trine is basically a rut from which there can be no escape until some friction is applied. It is therefore interesting to note that the Grand Trine will manifest while the Cardinal Grand Cross still applies. It means that there is an answer that is palatable but it would mean getting outside one’s comfort zone, stop rolling out the standard responses, making a few compromises and generally accepting the obvious demise of the present status quo. The have nots are willing to do this already because they have nothing left to lose, so no prizes for guessing who doesn’t want to play ball.

By the same token I expect an element of the inevitable protests that the warmth of spring generates to become violent, even though a majority of protesters wish to deny violent methods. The difference will be that the violent protesters are as much outmoded and outdated as the systems they protest against. The non violent protesters are those who understand that change cannot effected successfully by force of fist but by force of will. So the violent protesters, playing into the hands of the establishment will change nothing; if anything it will make it that much harder for non violent protesters to use marching as a tool of mass expression. The solar eclipse tied to this lunation suggests a wasting of energy; violent protest fits the bill quite nicely.

I expect a contagion of finger pointing with much mud slinging and little progress. The economic impact on society will be gradual but profound because whatever happens during this time will be entrenched, locked down and designed for self protection. By the time the Grand Water Trine ends there will be much bad blood with the likelihood of trade agreements in tatters where disagreements on a political level spill over into economic and social ties. In fact I would not be at all surprised to see vigilante hits on the shops of other nations where hatred foments in the stench of a corrupt system that cannot be changed without global cooperation.

The 29 April lunation occurs in the 8th house of the UK 1801 chart, implying an ongoing interest in the values of others (and probably sticking one’s nose in with Mercury close by and conjunct Natal Mars). It is perhaps a safe place for the government to be while the it tries desperately to avoid its own domestic position with Saturn running rampant through the UKs second house of personal values / needs / resources; a position it will have to address directly when transiting Saturn turns direct and squares natal Saturn on 25 October 2014, insisting that the UK austerity is still the only way forward but all evidence suggests to the contrary; and even implies harsher times to come.

Venus rides the sixth house just past an inconjunct with Natal Saturn (eleventh house). Perhaps the evidence at this point will crush forever the Conservative Party’s mantra that we are ‘all in this together’. We will see perhaps more strikes for money, particularly from large government institutions, which will create more disruption to society at large.

The Grand Water Trine places Jupiter (Cancer) in the UK tenth house - still very active in the Grand Cross, Saturn (Scorpio) in the second house and Chiron (Pisces) in the sixth house. The leaders of the United Kingdom have always kept one eye on the ‘standing’ of the UK on the world stage. And yet as empires rise and fall, so must even the most influential of countries take turns to reach the heights of power.

Chiron in the sixth house implies an ailing workforce, army and infrastructure. So although the focus of the UK will be predominantly outside of itself, one might argue that the country is starting to develop a limp and would do well to sort out one’s own house before criticising another. A civilsed country is measure by how it treats the poor and disadvantaged. In an effort to save money and generate more income, the government has punished the poor for the sins of the rich while rewarding the rich in the hope of making money. People with disabilities have committed suicide as a direct result of government policy. Expect more of the same while these policies continue.

Chiron will travel through the sixth house until 2020 when the new conjunctions with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto attempts to drive through a new world order. So this present government’s perspective of welfare cheats, shirkers and failing feckless families is symbolised by Chiron in the sixth but it is an unhelpful insight, as its remedy is to use more and greater draconian measures to force people off benefits and into work, even if there is no work or employers willing to take them on. Solar Arc Pluto is in conjunction with Natal Uranus in the twelfth house. Reform of large institutions has been both ideological and experimental and with no particular mandate from the people. Hence the likelihood is that many current laws and policies implemented by this government will be repealed by the next.

Jupiter and Saturn trine exact on 24 May 2014 just a few days before the Gemini lunation. The Moon / Uranus conjunction at this event implies how easy it might be to break away from previously esteemed connections. The Grand Water Trine does appear to symbolise a race to the bottom and no one is likely to come out the other end untainted.

Governments, I hope, will keep a cool head and should try not to do anything rash or make empty threats. Time may need to pass before meaningful talks and negotiations can bear fruit. Avoiding unnecessary conflict would be a great start.

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