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The Cardinal Grand Cross in Action

The long heralded Cardinal Grand Cross has started to apply with Mars Retrograde within 5 degrees of aspect. By 22nd April the square will be in full bloom (For more information on the astrology, see ‘Jupiter Pluto Opposition April 2014: The Cardinal Grand Cross’).

But there is a lunar eclipse on 15 April that must also be acknowledged followed by a solar eclipse on 29 April while the cardinal grand cross is still in aspect!. Eclipses are known to hold significance by themselves but coupled with a grand cross in cardinal signs it is amplified greatly and adds to the longer term ramifications of the events that unfold over the next few weeks. Additionally Pluto stations, about to go retrograde back towards the world axis (stationing direct at 11 degrees of Capricorn on 23 Sept 2014).

So this article may be your last chance to get with the programme before the whole story blows and you find you did not prepare early enough. The import of the events that build over the next few days cannot be dismissed as insignificant or fleeting. There are global shifts for all to see - if you know where to look - and the world’s mainstream media silence is so quiet it is deafening. Unfortunately this kind of selective reporting is common, which makes all TV and newspaper reporting totally unreliable. Start doing internet searches on the global currency reset and consider the implications for where you live.

I shared an article on Facebook (where in the right circles you can also discover what is really going on in the world), courtesy of William Stickevers, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reforms of 2010 should have been passed by 10th April 2014. Apparently only the United States is dragging its heels; with the US congress failing to pass the legislation necessary. It is an attitude borne of the complacent notion that there are no powers higher that they have to answer to. It is an attitude that they may soon regret. 

Three conditions make up the IMF reform:

First The US and Europe currently have too much dominance in the market, so Asia and South America will have a bigger say with Africa coming on board as its economy strengthens.

Second, the institute has to become much more flexible in the way it lends money to improve the fund’s ability to avert financial crisis.

Third the IMF wants to double the fund’s financing needs to avoid having to borrow from creditors itself.

What the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have set up over the last few years is nothing short of saying that if the US does not want to play, they will play a different game of which the US is not involved. It is a game that removes the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency and will seriously devalue the Dollar in the process. Europe by default is also excluded.

And make no mistake, the change over is happening now and has been organized from behind the scenes for many years. The economic paradigm is about to undergo a seismic shift that will end the US Empire so to speak. China, the long hailed Empire elect is almost ready to assume the crown, with the full support of Russia.

Maybe it is not so surprising that the US Congress does not want to play this game. As Dominick Giammarino, on his website says,
All fiat currencies are doomed He also asserts,

“The coming Global Currency Reset (2014-2020) will be based, again, on the assets of the countries of the world.Example: Iraq has oil, South Africa has diamonds, China has gold, Vietnam has rice, the U.S. has, well, we have a lot of debt, so I guess we’re in trouble right?”
So when one considers which countries holding a fiat currency have artificially kept the value of their currency afloat via quantitative easing, you know which countries will see a devaluation reset of their currency within the world market. And while the UK (or indeed the Euro) is not mentioned in the quote above, it is the UKs financial sector that has been the country’s most tangible strength on the world stage, so what will happen when the world’s major banks, exposed to trillions of US dollars, count the cost of a sudden devaluation in their assets? Likewise the rest of Europe and the Euro is equally exposed but unprepared for the global reset.
Make no mistake, the cardinal grand cross, much heralded by Theodore White, marks the starting gun on a world shattering change that will have repercussions for generations.

As I mentioned before, the evidence of all this world shattering change is either absent in the media or distorted for the purposes of propaganda. For example, the Daily Telegraph reports that Russia’s announced attempt to abandon the US dollar is an impossible pursuit.

Jeremy Warner, assistant editor of the Daily Telegraph, expresses, in my view, a one dimensional perspective by standing on the sacred belief that the world economy can only possibly be worked through the US dollar. His flippant remark of ‘good luck with that one’  to President Putin is the kind of attitude that will catch many people out both financially and economically. It is this kind of hubris that will become part of the debris that has blighted the world system of money and trade for decades.

It is also the attitude of many governments, who cannot possibly deny that they did not know all this was going on and still maintain credibility, have not only attempted to keep the people of the Western World in some kind of controllable bubble by saying nothing about what amounts to one of the biggest world changes you can imagine this side of a World War. But one could argue that some, the UK government I can say is guilty of it, have gone so far as to lie by omission, assisted of course by the oligarchic strangle hold of the powers that be over TV and newspapers. Certainly at the time of writing this article there is nothing on the BBC news; in fact there is a dearth of information.

Who we trust to lead us should be called into question if this is the way we are treated. Is it that they think we can’t process the information or that we could not possibly deal with the changes?  Or is it more likely to be the case that, like every other question presented to the electorate – be it the Scottish Referendum on independence or a question of whether we should remain in or out of the European Union – that having misrepresented the truth in the first place, consecutive governments have attempted to promote a Western economic perspective as the only possible solution to the world and can still find no way back to how the reality of the situation? The Internet will continue to open the eyes of the general population and force uncomfortable reforms of political systems and accountability.

For example, there has been no mention whatsoever from the UK government as to why it - alongside 22 other countries - have already signed up to a swap system that bypasses the US dollar, SWIFT and BIS with China at the heart of the it. Why would governments do such a thing unless they knew what was coming? And if they know what is coming and how it will affect us, the people, why are they not telling us? You can bet your life that if your government is not telling you something it is because you won’t like what is going to happen. 

To further add evidence to the likelihood of a global crisis, it was announced that Monsanto stocks plunged sending the NASDAQ into a spiral
Also, apart from biotech companies there are predictions that overvaluing of companies like Facebook adds to the likelihood of a stock market crash within the next 12 months.

Many sources have stated that 2014 is likely to see a stock market crash - and it is most likely at this point that a global currency reset will begin to feed into the collective unconscious.

Until then the smoke and mirrors continue, for example, as Crimea passes a new constitution that makes it inseperable from Russia the toothless sanctions imposed by US and the rest of Europe continue. With comments coming ahead of the meeting of the IMF and G20 finance ministers on Friday (10 April 2014) the German finance minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble said that even if it causes weakness in Europe we cannot accept someone just changing international rules and borders.

The cardinal grand cross is now well and truly active.

I started to study some of the astrological events that led me, ultimately, to hone in on the cardinal grand cross of 2014 and all the consequences ending / beginning in a new Saturn / Pluto cycle in 2020. Way back in 2004 I wrote an article on the ‘Pluto ingress into Capricorn’ not knowing exactly where it would lead but knowing that if astrology was to work at all there would have to be some historical evidence to back it up (I am still in the process of assessing astrology as a practical tool). The last Pluto in Capricorn occurrence saw the US declaration of Independence in 1776, with the Americans pushing back the British and the British, denied revenue from the American colonies, having to rethink it’s financial future. Fast forward the description of this event to May 2004 and I wrote:

“So what do we learn from this? Pluto goes into Capricorn when a nation that has risen to greatness is on the back end of a war that has cost a fortune. So great is this cost that they seek to recover their losses in a grossly unfair and oppressive manner; So powerful is the need to obtain money that even companies become big and powerful enough to run other countries. The people suffer until the burden becomes oppressive. The control and manipulation becomes so much that they say enough is enough. They demand the unalienable rights of 'Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness'. Those who tried to impose their will on others were turned back.

Now which period of time am I talking about -1762 to 1778 or 2008 to 2024? Personally I think that the parallels are a little too scary to ignore.”

In the light of today’s current situation I could now revise some of the conjecture. The US petro dollar is all but doomed and the international dominance of the US is about to end. Not only that but the US faces its Pluto return in February 2022, marking the beginning of a new USA ready to emerge like a phoenix, perhaps wiser and more willing to play nicely.

From here I went on to discover the cyclic index introduced to me in 2002 as a work promoted by Andre Barbault that appeared to indicate a barometer for global trends, prompting me to write the article in 2008 The Barbault Scale  when the so-called ‘credit crunch’ in the UK occurred off the back of the sub-prime mortgage debacle in the US. 

With the idea that the cyclic index might in fact be a way to predict future trends, I noted that, if this were truly the case, then 2016 - 2020 would be indicative of some changes equal to those seen in 20th century world war one and two (those periods being similar trends in the cyclic index). I wrote,

“Other revolutions in this decade may well include welfare systems, big institutions and old age pensions. Food is in short supply globally. All will come under severe pressure, with a need to reconsider seriously how any of the above systems have to evolve in order to survive. The world’s brightest people may have to bend their minds to developing new economic models. Poverty has not been eradicated under the current capitalist system because the current capitalist system does not reward fixed or low incomes; particularly if those incomes are hostages to the fortunes of the stock markets.”

Since I wrote this article in September 2008, in the UK I can demonstrate that the welfare system has come under attack by the government of the day in order to save money, big institutions / high street names have fallen; more so than usual, the watchword on the lips of every business echoes the Uranus / Pluto square demand for reform, food wars started years ago in the Philippines as the Uranus Pluto square got underway and only yesterday (April 10 2014) there were food rations in Venezuela. The new economic model is happening as we speak. Everyone in the UK will retire at 67 instead of 60 - 65 and this year the government announced that people will be able to claim their pension rather than be forced to buy an annuity from the company they saved with... and the decade is not even half over yet.

Mundane astrologer Theodore White, speaks of the ‘mutable years’ beginning September 2015 when the Lunar North Node enters the mutable sign of Virgo, thus placing the focus on change and uncertainty. Saturn will also have moved into the mutable sign of Sagittarius with Jupiter firmly established in Virgo. The North Node remains in Virgo until April 2017.

How we come out at the other end of this period is the subject of another article. Suffice it to say for the purpose of this article it is important to know that these mutable middle years lie just ahead of us and everything mundane astrologers have talked about regarding the cyclic index and the cardinal grand cross is being demonstrated as something more than mere speculation or conjecture. As I said in my next article ‘The Barbault Warnings’ (April 2009)

At some point in the future we will all have to pay for the money we spend today. I believe that it is right to repair the world financial system, even though I heartily disagree with the system itself. Having some system, however, is better than no system at all. In the UK we will host the Olympic Games in 2012 (a nice plus figure this year) but after the euphoria of the games, then the reality of the consequences we must face will bring us all down to earth. It sounds almost biblical but I believe we will face 7 years of hardship from 2014 – 2020. The worst of those years is 2017 with a figure of -496; the only times in the 20th century that there have been years of -496 and worse are 1915 and 1938 to 1941. And it is a sustained seven-year string of minus figures meaning that if there is any sign the recession is getting better by 2010, as I believe it will, it is merely the lull before the storm. I hope this gives you some sort of proportion as to what I believe we may be facing.”

And again in May 2012 I went further in my article Barbault: The Prediction Revealed by saying,

So before I offer you the evidence supported by the planetary cycles that pertain to future events, I wish to make it plain from the start that my findings support the notion that there will be a global economic depression from 2016 (possibly up to a year earlier) to 2020. It is my belief that because the causes have already happened we are merely going to witness the effects. But it will not be pleasant and I do not rule out the possible spin offs of hostility, poverty and destitution. No one will come out of it unscathed. I do not see this as a pleasant prediction but a very important one.”

Up to this point I, like many astrologers, had worked almost independently. Then through the wonders of the Internet I found similar trains of thought with Theodore White and WIlliam Stickevers, both eminent and well respected mundane astrologers. But the fact remains that we all arrived at similar conclusions independent of the other, which in my opinion validates the scientific need for verification and independent observation.

Since then I have had the privilege to be part of a group of mundane astrologers working towards a common cause, with truth at the heart of the intention to reveal how far we can interpret cause and effect. The year 2020 is the ending of the current 33-year Saturn / Pluto cycle, which is why I have yet to look beyond that period. Indeed there is still much to look at before predictions for the new cycle starting 2020 will make sense.

There has been a lot of work in preparation before the cardinal grand cross, most of which for me was to understand the cyclic index. But now we are here and we can see that the global currency reset is the central theme that must affect everyone in the world, it is like reaching the top of a hill and only now can we see what lies on the other side. The rest of this cycle will be devoted to how we get there. The dangers are many. Uncertainty will exist at every turn. The Wheel of Fortune is turning and those at the top are about to come crashing down. We cannot expect the old order to go peacefully and we cannot rely on our governments to worry less about the country and more about the people; stupid but true.
We now have to focus on how to prepare for the middle mutable years in the full knowledge that these uncertain times lie ahead. We can expect money to devalue, especially where quantitative easing has been used to bolster the economy. We can therefore also expect the initial dangers of inflation and shortages of food. Some people in the UK have already started thinking about the local production of produce to offset the coming storms. For the moment we must consider seriously the basics of survival. If the transition of changes also include the shortage of gas as a means for warmth, we have but a short time to get ready - perhaps one more winter before energy becomes rare or is too expensive.
“There will be no World War III but just as war is raging in many countries right now, so many more must inevitably rise up and join the clamour for old powers to make way for fair and sustainable reform. Any who hold onto power by wealth or by oppression can and will be challenged strongly in order to create a better way of life. In some cases that opposition may manifest itself in physical conflict.”
Be under no illusion that the transition is going to be pretty or well ordered. For the moment it might seem that everything I have said here is a storm in a teacup; there are no world shattering changes in evidence and the world carries on as it did last week and the week before. The last of the seven Uranus / Pluto squares is in March 2015, which implies that the reforms by then will be all but prepared and all one then has to do is carry them out. But before then the fifth Uranus / Pluto square hits on 21 April 2014 and the sixth on 15 December 2014. So there is still more to come this year and I expect those events will come suddenly. As William Stickevers has said so many times of 2014 in his articles ‘BOOM’.
So here we are at the cardinal grand cross and if you have read this far, you cannot say that you have not been warned. Watch carefully what happens when the stock market crashes. That, in my opinion, will be when the rug is pulled from the feet of the Western world.

More information about Shane P Ward is on his official website

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