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Lunation 1st March 2014

March 1st 2014, a new moon (the first of two in March) at 10:39 of Pisces makes aspect by semi square to Venus at 26 of Capricorn and is sesquiquadrate to Mars at 27 Libra that is stationary and about to go retrograde. Venus and Mars are also in square to each other. Furthermore, the stationary Mars is on the conjunction degree of the present Saturn Pluto cycle. It all adds up to powerful lunation that will change the direction of the lives of people in the UK and may be a contributor to how the world evolves in 2020 at the new Saturn Pluto conjunction.

On the day of this lunation, Mars starts to travel towards the point where it completes the Grand Cardinal Cross. So we should expect to see the stage being set for the most significant crisis moments in this decade. Anyone who wishes to mitigate the more harmful effects of the cardinal grand cross should now pay much more attention to world events.

Within this lunation there will be the budget speech (19 March) made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer. No doubt people will expect to hear about further cuts to public spending and further austerity measures. We can expect to hear greater attacks on welfare spending and a war on waste.

With Neptune also in Pisces, we can expect confabulated statistics designed to demonstrate how well the government is doing and to give the impression that austerity is not only working but is instrumental to the economic recovery.

The Venus Mars square implies the likelihood that the effect will be to put the breaks on personal spending and make people consider seriously the direction that their life and job is going.

The Jupiter Pluto opposition, still within orb, straddles the MC / IC axis, sticking a marker straight into foundation of this lunation and also applying by trine and sextile respectively to the lunation. 

In fact, the only planets not in aspect to the lunation is a Mercury (Aquarius) Saturn (Scorpio) fixed square with Mercury also stationary but about to go direct. This is perhaps a significant aspect that may develop into a tense negotiating conflict up to 11th March. The chances of fundamental disagreement to the point of intransigence will probably sit uncomfortably with people in authority and those involved in policing and order.

Aside from Jupiter at the root of the chart, all other planets are above the horizon, suggesting that there is a ‘what you see is what you get’ openness to this lunation. However, if we consider the lunation in conjunction with the UK 1801 chart, the entire planetary position is flipped, putting Jupiter at the top and everything else below the horizon. This begs the question as to what might been presented as truth and openness is actually the complete opposite; many questions around the deaths of 6 bankers inside a month is a good example. The main stream media in the UK picked up on the man who ‘jumped’ from the JP Morgan building, presented as a suicide. He was in fact one of a number of ‘jumpers’ and while the likelihood of suicide by jumping is not unheard of, suicide by punching 10 nails from a nail gun into the back of your head stretches the plausibility a bit too far. The fact that they all knew each other and worked in the same area of banking is the stuff of what makes conspiracy theories. Somehow I believe that all is not as it seems and we should be wary of what the powers that be would like us to believe.

The lunation is in the UKs 6th house of work. Undoubtedly the Conservative’s mantra of supporting ‘hard working people’ will be wheeled out in front of us as the panacea for building the economy, making the country prosperous and thereby keeping everyone as much as possible occupied and out of trouble. Of course those who are not working, the feckless work shy shirkers who sponge of the welfare state, are the most likely to be disaffected by benefit caps and welfare cuts. The problem at this time might well be that businesses are starting to cull their work force, the banking sector included, thereby turning hard working people into more feckless work shy spongers - according to the Conservative perception.

The lunation is also applying by conjunction to transiting Chiron, placing the lunation between the sick (Neptune) and the disabled. The criticisms of late building over hospitals and assessments of people claiming Employment Support Allowance will be joined by a new contentious partner; namely the collection of data to personal medical records being made available for purchase by insurance companies. 

True to the divisive and deceptive nature of our present government, this new intrusion into the lives of the UK people has been moving quietly under the convenient cover of bad news like flooding (and the effects of the floods are fully expected to be ongoing throughout March) in the UK towards the first tranche of data collecting in March 2014. Everyone who has a medical file held by their GP will be automatically opted in.

According to the government, everyone should have been given a posted information card telling them that this would happen. I know I did not see it. I also did not know that I could opt out of it. So for anyone else who did not know and want to opt out, here is a link to show you what to do; quite simply you inform your GP either in person or in writing. For convenience there is a form attached to this link

The worst part about the data gathering is that there is a barely disguised intention to make certain medical information available for sale to pharmaceutical and insurance companies for nothing more than commercial reasons. So there is the possibility that this new invasion of our personal information may contribute to more expensive medicines and insurance products.

In these times, where people shrug their shoulders and say that they are just one person and what can they do to influence the reforms necessary to make this world a better place, here is a golden opportunity to protect yourself and send a message to the government that they have gone too far. Because if we don’t do this, the political class will keep pushing the boundaries of our patience until we do push back - such is the nature of the times we find ourselves living in.

More tensions are likely to impact the relationship between the coalition government as they begin to pull in different directions; the Conservatives to more severe restrictions and the Liberal Democrats towards the living wage advocated by the Labour party.  Labour’s stall may begin to look more attractive while the outgoing government begins to tear itself apart.

As the weather in the UK begins to improve, so the build up to protests that began back in November 2013 will start to gather momentum. Voices of discontent, rebelling against government values is expected.

I expect to see high passions but also frustration about what can be done to make things better. The answer to our financial situation is that there is nothing we can do; primarily because we are driven by global markets and the world financial situation is in a dreadful state.

Perhaps the best thing to come out of this lunation will be that yet more people are affected by austerity, welfare cuts, disaffection and so on, to become more engaged with the reasons why reform at the most fundamental level must be achieved. Until it happens we can only limp from one crisis to the next until the entire system collapses.

As one person put it at the Anonymous protest in London, change can only happen when those people not affected by the situation are as outraged and those who are. In another world you might have said, ‘there but for the grace of God go I’

We have seen sink holes in the UK this year. One can expect the foundation of people’s lives to be undermined by current political and financial trends. So we can expect a fairly explosive beginning to the first lunation of the astrological year when the lunation meets radical Uranus.

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