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Jupiter Pluto Opposition January 2014

This article covers the second of the three Jupiter Pluto Oppositions. The third article will cover the cardinal grand cross, of which the Jupiter Pluto opposition is a part of; although at this stage it may be hard not to see what is coming and not allude to it.

Writing this on 8th August 2013, just two days past the first Jupiter / Pluto opposition - with an active T square to Uranus, we already have on the UK news that the government is giving back to the National Health Service (NHS) £500 million ($776 million) to save its Accident and Emergency service from collapse. Also in a more bizarre link with Uranus to Jupiter in square, the recent spate of suicides of UK teenagers over bullying on a social network site prompted Prime Minister David Cameron to suggest that people use their power to ‘boycott’ sites that fail to protect its citizens.

If that’s the case, then I feel totally vindicated about suggesting to everyone the creation of a site where we, the people, get together and jointly boycott any company that gets greedy or puts our well being at risk. Think utility companies, banks, large retail outlets, companies using zero hours contracts, companies not paying tax etc. The greed right now is amazingly widespread and the masses (Pluto) of money (Jupiter) can be clearly seen (opposition) and if we are to redress the imbalance it must be subject to reform (Uranus). But the square from Uranus to both Jupiter and Pluto demands action, and that means that we must physically do something about it or physically suffer the consequences of not doing something about it; squares promote confrontation.

The first opposition will still reveal further inequalities until at least the end of August 2013 when it starts to move out of orb, so don’t consider the list above as exhaustive. Expect to see outmoded belief systems trundled out to solve 21st century problems. The more 2013 progresses, the more we will see that the same tired old policies have to be scrapped. We have to have new ideas for a new world.

So with this evidence already in your face, so to speak, we can say with confidence that the battle to redress these inequalities is no short term fix. The Jupiter Pluto opposition is running into some major configurations, which will be discussed further on. And even after this aspect has run its course by 2014, what it exposes will make you realise how big the global problem is and how long it will take all of us to resolve even some of it; We can’t leave it up to the politicians or the corporations because they created the problem. It is time to use social networking in a productive capacity, uniting people in each country under common, peaceful and purposeful goals that will thwart the greedy and power hungry people / corporations who are running this planet into the ground for short term profit. 100 years ago we had work place unions. Now we need internet unions.

So now let us have a look at the second Jupiter / Pluto opposition.

Jupiter is at 12 degrees of Cancer on 30 January, opposing Pluto and square to Uranus. These are three of the four planets that will make up the cardinal grand cross in April 2014.  Even without the missing arm the T square combination is pretty powerful (as described above) and should be considered independently of what happens a few months later. Notably the fourth element, Mars, will have to go retrograde to make the cross, which is not good news because the chances of success at anything in a retrograde Mars motion is low historically. That doesn’t mean we should give up. What it means is that maybe we should have started doing something about it earlier - like now but so few people can really see what is about to happen.

Jupiter’s retrograde motion begins on 7 November 2013 at 20 degrees Cancer and goes almost three degrees past the opposition point to Pluto before going direct again, meaning that, according to Barbault, the cycle will be in positive territory (+178 / +179), going stationary direct on 6 March 2014 before returning back into the negative territory on  21 April 2014 in time for the full impact of the cardinal grand cross. This short time in positive territory may herald false hope that everything will be ok - and perhaps it will seem like that until the Jupiter Pluto opposition makes a final appraisal and does not like what it sees. We should certainly not be fooled by the mendacity of politicians who will strive desperately to convince us that the green shoots of economic recovery are just around the corner. In fact I suspect they will try to tell us, in true Orwellian fashion, that black is white and any catastrophic event is merely a hiccup and actually proves we are on the road back to prosperity.

Also on 30 January is a New Moon at 10.55 degrees of Aquarius, midpoint between the transiting Pluto / Venus conjunction and transiting Chiron, highlighting perhaps the worsening unemployment, unfair taxes and the rising cost of living in the home. And still they will tell us that austerity is working. The New Moon trines the UK 1801 chart’s South Node, sitting most tellingly at the fourth point of the coming cardinal grand cross. And as the South Node is our bolt hole, and suggest that here is what we do habitually, the evidence indicates that government will attempt to present the country with the facade of ‘business as usual’ and the usual mantras of policies that have failed consistently to make a difference.

But transiting Saturn in the UKs second house starts to apply by square to natal Saturn in the 11th house, mounting pressure on the Parliament of the day to explain its plans for the wealth of the nation and if the nation does not prosper, what are they going to do about it? Additionally, with transiting Mercury at 29 degrees of Aquarius, but about to go retrograde in Pisces a week later (conjunct transiting Neptune and natal Pluto as it stations), the potential for arguments and meaningless waffle is high. Watch out for some creative statistics (not that they haven’t been used all along). Also expect more failing business ventures, perhaps with an emphasis on those linked with government contracts; Will Atos get their marching orders over health assessments for welfare claimants? We can but hope but events may yet squash this most egregious of government attempts to save money from benefit claimants.

Venus (commonly linked to finances) formed a loose cardinal cross on 22 August 2013 when it made conjunction by transit to UK 1801 Ascendant. Is this the point where people become more aware that the stock market derivative bubble is not going to last forever? By 20 September 2013, when transiting planets Venus conjuncts Saturn and trines Uranus, transiting Saturn will also sextile Pluto in the final run to the 2020 Saturn Pluto conjunction, thus completing a 33 year cycle started back in November 1982. So the Saturn Pluto cycle gives the world one last opportunity for damage limitation, but given the evidence so far, how much attention is the world prepared to pay?

By the second Jupiter Pluto opposition, Venus in transit will join transiting Pluto at the root of the 1801 chart, first on 15 November 2013 and then go retrograde to station direct just one degree ahead of Pluto around 31st January 2014. Fundamental financial changes will be demanded but with the transiting North Node and Saturn still in Scorpio, I suspect that any moves to prevent a global economic meltdown will be held in secret meetings, just as the world’s media has been deathly quiet about everything to do with the global financial meltdown and world protest against austerity. In addition, the UK 1801 natal Pluto will be midpoint between (and also conjunct) transiting Mercury (zero degrees Pisces) and Neptune (4 degrees Pisces). So will there in fact be secret talks about planning the gradual dissolution of long term commitments like the state pension? or indeed any other large institution that costs too much money, like the National Health Service or educational establishments? Will the transiting Venus / Pluto conjunction trigger a large scale sell off of the current state owned banks? This may be not so much a case of the government trying to make money as it is to reduce expenditure to the absolute minimum.

So 15 November 2013 could possibly trigger a stock market crash? Venus conjunct Pluto on the UK 1801 IC and natal Sun square Uranus on the UK Descendant. Transiting Saturn  is in a close enough conjunction with Natal Neptune and transiting Mars also applies to Neptune by a closing sextile. Transiting Jupiter is going retrograde and applying to natal Neptune by trine. Transiting Neptune also goes stationary direct on this day in a conjunction with natal Pluto, triggering the UK chart’s Yod configuration with natal Jupiter and Uranus.

With all this activity hitting natal Neptune in the UK chart’s second house of income, a significant event is likely. I am also aware that a demonstration is planned for a silent march protest on Westminster on 5th November. The demonstrators plan to remain in and around Parliament for as long as is possible. Society will no doubt be active in their demand for change. If the activism continues into 15 November then one could say that the revolution in the UK has begun.

Certainly the UK will be in the spotlight, with the transiting Jupiter / Pluto (venus conjunct)/ Uranus T square closely aspected to the UK 1801 chart angles. With transiting Uranus conjunct the natal North Node the emphasis will keep pounding away at the need to focus on reform. But with transiting Pluto on the IC, the UK government believes that this must be achieved by maintaining the status quo at home while demonstrating innovation and merit abroad. In addition it must show the world that the UK is successful; if there is one thing the UK government appears to be paranoid about it is how successful they appear to be seen by the world beyond its borders. Transiting Jupiter in Cancer on the MC demonstrates how a successful banking industry is seen as key to that success. But the Uranus square insists that the ‘masses of money’ undergoes a significant reform, particularly the outmoded administration and bureaucracy, the old school, the traditional we-always-do-it-this-way mindset. Clearly the UK financial hub is a crucial component to the GDP of the UK. So one wonders what drastic action may have to be taken when Mars goes stationary direct just 2 degrees from the UK Ascendant before coming back to form a T square with Uranus and Pluto? But that’s another story.

On 31st January 2014 I believe that the UK government will still fail to grasp (or at least will be seen that way) that we cannot continue down the same old path. With any luck though, more of the people who really matter, the little people like you and me, will be not only more aware of what is happening, but will be propelled out of the inertia and apathy so much relied upon by the corporate elite. The little people are going to have to take action, and peaceful but purposeful means need to be devised.

Next up, the third and last Jupiter / Pluto opposition and the much alluded to cardinal grand cross.


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  1. A footnote for 29 January 2014 is that the gagging law was passed. Freedom of speech is no longer a right. Some people may believe we should strive to get it back. The collapse is on course.