Monday, 29 July 2013

Symptoms of the Grand Water Trine 2013

My mentor in the study of mundane astrology, John Davenport, was drawn to specialising in medical astrology. When diagnosing a condition he said that, just like a medically trained doctor practicing his art, he always looked for at least three or more symptoms before concluding his findings. He applied the same principle to his predictive work in more general mundane astrology with tangible results.

With this in mind (and adopting the investigational maxim of ‘if it looks like a duck’) it follows that if a planetary configuration produces events in one sphere of life, the chances are there will be similar types of event in other spheres of life. You may not always get to hear about it in global news but that is not to say it did not happen.

So, as we learn the effects of the grand water trine through events that the main media news elects to report. I would like to suggest to you some similar events that the main media news will elect not to report.

Following on from the train crash in Spain, today ( 29 July 2013) sees the dissolving of boundaries of a coach in Italy through a mountain safety barrier and over the edge, killing at least 38 people. Furthermore, a report in the UK speaks of an increase in coastal cliff face land slides, once again dissolving boundaries.

The symptoms of the grand water trine that we know by what is reported in the news are the observations of Jupiter (very much of / expanding), Saturn (the edge (a boundary is also an edge)) and Neptune (erosion / confusion / dissolving).

The Spanish train crash in July 2013 was caused, it would appear, by the driver going too fast (grand trine like a slippery slope meant not enough friction or in this case not enough grip). On going around a sharp bend the momentum took the train off the tracks, or off it’s set boundary.

Likewise with the coach crash in Southern Italy in July 2013, the combination of going down a hill and a sharp bend caused the coach to leave the safe boundary of the road, hence it breached the edge. In typical Neptunian fashion, the cause of the crash is presently unclear (in my opinion brake failure is a possibility).

In both cases, the edge (Saturn) dissolved (Neptune), which is precisely what seems to be occurring in the UK with it’s coastal cliffs The erosion is being blamed on excessive water damage over the last year.

Now applying these principles to the global debt crisis is no different. The three planets involved in the grand trine have clearly defined symptoms:
Jupiter challenges Saturn by trying to expand ‘the ‘edge’. Is this not the ever expanding quantitative easing?
Jupiter also expands liquidity and creates the illusion of confidence. Is this not symptomatic of the expanding bubble of derivatives in the stock market?
Saturn attempts to contain the ever growing bubble. Anyone blowing bigger and bigger soap bubbles know what happens when the surface tension becomes too thin.

The evidence suggests that containing the debt crisis has already failed. The economic evidence for this is already promulgated by money experts even if it is so obviously suppressed in the mainstream media. While Saturn sits in secretive Scorpio, there will be an attempt at the containment or suppression of facts. But watch out for leaks in the next two to three weeks or so (although Mars leaving the conjunction with Jupiter by the start of August could thankfully lessen the accident period). They may not be in the corporate owned newspapers or through usual sources, but what you get to hear about might seem confusing in the light of what you are ‘allowed’ to know. Perhaps it is hoped that people will not pay heed to the conflicting news, that like the grand trine they will continue to believe what they have always believed without deviation of thought or direction.

The damage to the global economy is already done. All we can do now, at least those who know that it is necessary to do something at all, is prepare for the aftermath.

But before I leave the grand water trine, there is a second grand water trine hiding behind the major one, where Mars in Cancer aligns to the lunar North Node in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. In the UK 1801 chart, Chiron in transit is traveling through the natal 6th house of work, with transiting Mars in the natal 10th of government and transiting Node in the 2nd house of the National wealth.

Chiron is the wounded healer, the mundane problem where there appears to be no easy solution. This is the UK Government’s problem that is also a common one, particularly for any country with a New Year natal chart. There is not enough money coming into the treasury and there are too many people who are either unemployed, or as appears to be more common these days, under employed or under waged.

The pains of the Government to maintain the level of money it needs to run the country is exacerbated by the sickness of the system itself. This suggest that whatever they do to focus (North Node) primarily on money to run the country (2nd House), it will be unavoidably at the expense of the people. With Chiron in the natal 6th house, part of this expense has been weighted on the sick, the disabled and the unemployed. Further weight will naturally be placed on cuts to public sector jobs and on large institutions.

What Mars is doing by coming around to make this grand trine is simply to highlight, to bring into a more personal focus, what has been going on for a while. By 11th August 2013 Mars will conjunct the 1801 chart natal Moon. The people will not be happy at all but Government is in recession and cannot be held accountable until they return in September. However, pressure is growing on the means that the Government are using to affect their cuts. An example is the investigation on the assessment of welfare recipient’s work capability by ATOS, who have announced that they will be retraining their assessors due to the high number of so-called incorrect decisions A reckoning is in order.

It is notable that the Mars / Node / Chiron trine is only 4 to 8 degrees away from the Jupiter / Saturn / Neptune trine. Does this imply an indirect link to the main trine? A by-product of the causation rather than being part of the causation? In topical discussion, it will be easy to understand how personal experience of unemployment, hardship and deprivation could eclipse the very real concern about what caused it in the first place; especially as it is probable that the Government’s response will be to make matters worse by behaving in an obnoxious and unsympathetic way ( 30 August 2013 transiting Mars conjunct natal in Jupiter in the 10th with loose application to secondary Sun and inconjunct natal Pluto).

And maybe we should consider how those that do not want us to look at the real issues may spend a great deal of energy trying to distract us with personal stuff. It is an easy thing to talk loudly and continuously about something that sounds like it should matter to everyone but in reality means very little.

The evidence suggests that all the symptoms experienced by the Mars/ Chiron / Node grand water trine can be sourced through the Jupiter / Saturn / Pluto grand water trine. We can shout and scream all we like about the injustice of austerity measures, unemployment and cuts to public health and resources. But the main symptom is the absolute necessity of social reform. I could say that the quicker we understand that the less painful it will be - but it won’t be quicker or less painful. However, rather than protest against the inevitable, what we should be doing is focusing our energy on is into what shape the necessary reforms should become? Without our input, we leave it by tacit agreement to those who caused the debt crisis to shape our future; that’s a bit like giving a box of matches to an arsonist and expecting a different outcome to him burning something.

The longer we allow others, those who live in the shadows of money and power, to shape our future unchallenged, the less chance there is that the future will resemble the kind of shape we would like to see. As Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see”. Let us not forget that beneath all of the above, there is a Uranus / Pluto square driving the path of reform forward. It is the stage on which all other considerations must be played out. And those in power know it.

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