Monday, 21 January 2013

Barbault and the Depression of 2015

Since around 2003 I have worked with the method of outer planet cycle calculations suggested by Andre Barbault. Not wishing to repeat myself, I invite you to see my previous articles. If you don't want to just yet, I can summarize the following information:
1. Andre Barbault measured the distance between two planets in their cyclical rotation from Jupiter to Pluto. This seems to resonate with long term global economic trends.
2. The resulting positive or negative mathematical results combined indicated a positive or negative global effect.
3. The mathematical evidence of these negative results include the periods of time in the 20th century to that of World War 1, World War II and the great depression of the 1930s

Given the indication of previous experience, another large negative period of time is on the horizon from 2016 - 2020 and, given the historical coincidences of past mathematical negative results - and also that of the now known current economic debt crisis - would we not be wise to consider the likelihood that we are about to enter a five-year global depression?

It is the beginning of 2013 at the time of writing this article and the UK has not yet officially announced the reality of a triple dip recession. Back in 2009 this was merely a credit crunch. In 2011 the Government of the day announced that we would be back on track by 2015. In 2012 the Government of the day admitted that the recession was deeper than expected and that the UK would not pay its debts until 2018. I have said all through this that 2020 is the earliest we can expect to see light at the end of the tunnel. Governments have to promote optimism because the economy and its value is based largely on the lie of 'confidence' but mundane astrologers have no reason to lie and their predictions are evidence based on what one might argue to be more reliable information than that of the world's clearly inadequate predictive economic models; How many more boom and bust events will it take to work that one out?

The Euro zone is in deep trouble. Many countries, like Greece, Ireland, Italy Portugal and Spain are in economic crisis. The USA has maxed out its credit card and if it borrows any more money there will not be enough GDP to repay the interest. Quantitative Easing (QE) in many countries have done no more than served to bolster the balance sheets of insurance and investment houses, while growth in any economy has failed to materialise. Unemployment is deep rooted and in some countries as high as 25%

The beginning of the end of the matter is looming. There is much astrological evidence to support these claims, however, I have confined myself largely to pointing out some events to consider in order to keep this article simple.

There will most likely be false claims of recovery in 2013 because Barbault's yearly figure of +8 is the last gasp before we plunge into a series of annual minus figures. 2014 will scare a lot of people into taking action but the effect by 2015 will be merely activity in denial of what really must transpire and more delaying of the inevitable. By 2016 we will hit the full blown depression caused by one sided economic thinking - namely you cannot possibly have growth if the consumer has no money. We will know this year if the fate of countries in the Eurozone will opt out of the currency or if the currency collapses altogether.

The Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014 will be the trigger that sets the stage for the depression to play out. It is therefore an important chart to study. It is worth reading the conclusions of Theodore White on to examine the effect that the cardinal cross will have for us all. It is also important to understand that where the cardinal grand cross symbolises, among other things, the mutual activation of opposing forces, that we will each have our part to play in what we reap at the other end. The Arab Spring of 2011 is perhaps a good example of how much the old and worn out modes of life will be protected by those who must step aside to make way for what must change.

There will be no World War III but just as war is raging in many countries right now, so many more must inevitably rise up and join the clamour for old powers to make way for fair and sustainable reform. Any who hold onto power by wealth or by oppression can and will be challenged strongly in order to create a better way of life. In some cases that opposition may manifest itself in physical conflict.

By 2015 we may not realise how much of a global depression we are in because there will be many in so called positions of authority who, as they did previously, will want to play down the severity of our situation in some desperate attempt to fool us into believing that the green shoots of recovery are just around the corner and they are the political party that will lead you there. Trust me, it will not happen.

By 2016 everyone will realise that the consequences of us, the people, wandering blindly into economic ruin has been fated for some time and we have just been putting off the inevitable. We can no more avoid it than we can avoid paying our bills (Avoiding taxes is amazingly still possible for some very rich companies and individuals). Those with lots of money have already demonstrated their inability to empathise with the struggling middle class, the poorer working class, the destitute and the disenfranchised because they have never been there to experience it. Their resolve to cut swiftly the deficits created by the debt crisis satisfies their desire to put the problem behind us as quickly as possible so that normal money making business can be resumed as it was before all this inconvenience. How much this will hurt people without money is of no consequence to them and yet, amazingly, there is also no comprehension that it is essential that the very people at the sharp end that must be in a position to contribute to growth in the global economy as it is presently structured. Many people are already up to their necks in the soft smelly stuff and live with the knowledge that, despite certain claims, we are not all in this together.

The times of instant gratification are about to be ripped unceremoniously away from a generation that has not experienced hardship. It is going to hurt. The wisest of those will have already started to clear all debts before the storm of high inflation and further employment blows furiously throughout whole societies. Crime rates will rise as the cost of living becomes unaffordable for many.

The Saturn / Pluto cycle will come to a new conjunction in 2020, although the Barbault scale will still be in minus territory for another year. However, this will be the time that workable solutions can be established, for it is only when the old ways are destroyed and laid waste that transformation of new structures can truly take place. But for some the transformation may be slower, particularly larger economies where - like a super tanker - it takes just a bit longer to turn around (for example the US Pluto return 2022).

Be in no doubt that we are all heading for interesting times and those better prepared to weather the storm may come out the other side a little less battered and bruised. But all is not doom and gloom. Invention is the mother of necessity and it has been proved from the last Barbault negative periods that great drives are initiated towards new inventions that advanced technology and changed the world for the better.

We will also have an opportunity to make huge leaps in the way our society runs, especially if we maintain the freedoms of the Internet. It is up to the masses to realise that they run the world, and we can if only we are prepared to an interest and participate (political pressure groups like Avaaz are already making this happen) - and that the people the masses elect to represent them must represent the people who put them there and not be swayed or hijacked by unelected powerful groups of self-interest where money and wealth is prioritized higher than the happiness, needs and well being of the people.

More articles relating to Barbault and the 2015 depression will be placed on this blog, so please bookmark if you are interested.

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  1. Hi Shane,

    It is amazing that I have just discovered your work and the work of the Barbault scale.

    I have done a similar mathematical calculation, without knowing anything of the Barbault scale, and surprise, I also reach the same conclusion as both of you: a nasty negative dip between 2017 and 2010, amisdt a decreasing trend starting in 2001 and turning negative in 2009.

    I do not know how Barbault calculate its scale. I merely attribute a negative value of 1 when a cycle of two outer plants is waning, and positive if waxing. I also include Mars cycles to all outer planets, just to get a more detailed feeling month-wise.

    My scale runs from -10 to +10, and it was +10 in the late 1990s, it was -9 in 1939, and -7 in 1914. It was slighty negative in the early 1930s, late sixties and from 2009 onwards. It has decrease from +10 to 0 between 2000 and 2008. It will reach a bottom of -6 in 2020, when most outer planet cycles are negative.

    I even atribute what each waning cycle means in terms of destruction (political, scientifical, economic, social, etc). With that in mind, I see that was happens in 2017-2020 is the greatest destruction following the world wars, but still small than those. Not as wide destruction. At least the infrastructures and the internet will be mostly here by 2021, but not the same economy or politics or social models.

    By 2029, the scale reaches again a high of +8 and it continues positive until circa 2045, and it will have another high negative low later in the century, by 2070 if my memory does not fail.

    Please refer to for some of my detailed post about my studies, which have been ongoing for several years.

    Also please feel free to email me to segurelha att gmail dott com

    1. I also think that it is not only to be a global depression but also some major historical wars, likely even with one or few nuclear attacks (hopefully not!). Likely in the ME, Kashmir or Koreas, or/and a sort of new cold war, globally, likely involving China. Oil will probably be affected and then new energies will need to be found and implemented.

      Like you, I see things getting agressive by late 2013, 2014 or 2015 at latest. Dates where major events are more likely to occur is when both Jupiter and Mars are also in cardinal signs, just like in the 1930s/1940s. And also as Mars forms mostly waning cycles.