Friday, 16 November 2012

Capricorn Ingress 2012 / The End Of The World

The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21st 2012 at 11:00am. Just 11 minutes later is the end of the Mayan Calendar and the consequent claims of the so-called ‘end of the world’.

May I be perfectly clear up front in saying that I do believe we are in no danger of global destruction; at least not on this date.

The global economic depression is set to continue until at least 2021. Wars for democracy, food and livelihoods still await us. Some of these event exist already and some are yet to come before the decade is over. But for now I want to concentrate on the Capricorn ingress. I have set the chart for Westminster but we will look later at the ingress in tandem with the UK1801 chart, the US Independence chart and the Treaty of Rome.

With the Sun in the 10th house the light is shining on the leadership and Moon in the second relates to the resource needs of the people. Perhaps it is not surprising that the focus will be on the economy and austerity measures that seem to be the popular solution to the global debt crisis. A triple dip recession is on the way.

The Sun sextiles Neptine and Chiron conjunct the Ascendant. The big issues already in play are large institutions like the NHS. There are also concerns around unemployment, rising fuel costs and pensions. With Chiron so close to Neptune it is reasonable to assume that there will be no solution to any of these problems this year; it doesn’t matter what political party holds power.

With Venus opposite Jupiter (retrograde) across the 3rd / 9th house axis the forecast will be for a cutting back on day to day expenses wherever possible. However, both square into Chiron suggesting that the cuts will not be pleasant. There may be a significant number of people, however, who may suffer the illusion that borrowing more on the credit card will solve the problem (Neptune conjunct Chiron). Please consider that borrowing more money will cause you greater grief within a year, if not sooner.

Our politicians will not help us in being sensible. Their remit will be trying to reassure the consumer that the economy is on the mend and will try to foster confidence, without which it is certain that the economy cannot grow. But most people will only be able to consume using borrowed money – and there is simply not enough money to borrow to make any difference to the huge debt mountain that has to be paid back. Naturally the politicians will fear that without a return to economic growth there will be more businesses collapsing, higher unemployment and a greater recession. What the politicians do not want you to know is that the UK is heading for an economic slump. It is unavoidable and the UK citizens can personally avoid some of the future catastrophe by not borrowing any more money.

The North Node in the 9th house sextiles Mars in the 12th, suggesting a focus on foreign affairs, particularly hostilities and actions that may have a detrimental impact on our day to day lives. Oil is always subject to price fluctuations where conflict threatens to affect supply, which in turn can affect the UK fuel cost, including not only petrol but gas and electricity. With Mercury so close to the Midheaven, trade is high on the agenda, with the likelihood (Mercury trine Moon) that our cost of living will be squeezed at this end too.

But the power in the chart lies with the ‘finger of God’ aspect between Saturn sextile Pluto – inconjunct Jupiter.

The cycle of Saturn to Pluto is drawing to its close. We have witnessed the power of its structural transformation in connection with the chaotic Uranus (that is still in the process of making square aspect to Pluto) introducing sudden and shocking changes to the structure of our society and our collective unconscious. The Arab Spring continues with civil war in Syria and difficult reforms in many other parts of the world. As the Saturn / Pluto cycle will complete only by the end of the decade, we can be certain that this period of transformation will take longer than one short year and will leave a lasting impact on the world in general.

Jupiter is retrograde in Gemini, making up the Yod with Saturn and Pluto. So both Jupiter and Saturn, the societal planets figure in this aspect along with the demands of evolutionary change from Pluto. What was considered the established part of our structure (Saturn) is already undergoing massive change (Pluto) but our thoughts (Gemini) have yet to get our heads around it (Jupiter retrograde).

People can be resistant to change but the changes we see today are happening whether we like it or not. They are real and we had better get our heads around it or get left behind. By the time the current reformation of countries and political structures have concluded, we will be living in a very different world from today. What we must get our heads around is what we once knew that will be cast out as no longer a viable structure and what must come in if we are to meet the challenges of the future. Amid all of this will be the fear that comes inevitably with changes that threaten to rock our perceived sense of security. Those who wish to hold onto the old ways will try to convince us that they are the true power. We have already seen why this is not so in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and many others. And there is no reason to expect that these will be the only reforms the world must face.

Jupiter in Gemini focuses our minds on how we relate to every day matters but it also gives us an opportunity to reflect, indeed to challenge what we believe to be true. Right now there is a very real concern over our entire monetary system that threatens to engulf many countries in debt and destitution. Venus opposes Jupiter, emphasising the focus of a financial nature to the thinking of Jupiter. Where we cannot continue to expand our debt, either through quantitative easing (which simply defers the debt for a few more years) or greater borrowing. There has to come a point where tinkering with a busted economy has to stop, and it maybe that during this year it is decided that further tinkering is not going to stop the inevitable pain. Certainly with mercury on the Midheaven businesses will protect themselves by cutting the workforce and closing unprofitable outlets. I envisage things starting to fall apart by March when a huge stellium of planets congregate in Pisces, separating themselves from just three planets: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

Aquarius on the Ascendant, conjunct Neptune in Pisces, suggests a number of rather futile strikes but also a focus on common interests. Our fate, however, is hopelessly intertwined with international economic instability and there will be little that the UK can do to stop the slide in isolation.

Now putting the UK1801 (1st January 0:00am) chart up against the Capricorn ingress chart, we see immediately how the Yod of Saturn and Pluto places the apex of Jupiter into the UK 9th house. I see no reason to expect the problems within the Eurozone to go away. In fact I expect them to get gradually worse, as there are no remedies for what we will witness over the next few years. By 2016 the Euro currency experiment will be all but over. Everything until then is merely delaying the inevitable.

Not that the UK leadership will have much of a chance to indulge itself in foreign politics. The Moon of the ingress chart conjuncts the UK1801 North Node. The Government will have its hands full dealing with domestic matters to get too enmeshed in Europe’s woes.

Pluto is now applying to the IC of the UK1801 chart, meaning that Pluto’s evolutionary power is applying to all national charts that began on the 1st of January. What happens now make take many years to complete but we are now at the beginning of tremendous changes. For the UK, with Uranus firmly on its descendant, the reforms that will be demanded by the people and by the dictates of the enforced changes of many countries, will start to become apparent. Over the coming year it will become clearly obvious that we cannot continue within the economic structure that exists today. There must be a complete review of the role played by banks and financial institutions, not only within our day to day lives but also in how they impact on our global economy. Considering that the UK has a hefty interest in financial institutions, this will be very had for the UK to deal with. The necessary reforms will take some big changes of mind to enact and there is always the fear that comes with any change and a resistance by those who stand to lose. The UK must ensure that the required changes occur regardless of the fear.

The Yod configuration is also very tightly connected to the US Independence chart (4th July 1776 5:10pm) with the ingress Jupiter conjunct natal Uranus. Given a push in the right direction (especially with Mercury on the Ascendant) there may be a possibility to use trade as a vehicle to drive the economic recovery to growth. However, one cannot expect that others will greet certain reforms with the same enthusiasm, so one must be careful not to become pushy or overbearing. For example, the US administration has intimated its concerns over certain trade practices form China. How one handles their trade partners may make the difference between some cooperation or none at all.

There is a particularly concerning aspect of the ingressed Mars conjunct natal Pluto. This is a drive to domestic changes that are most certainly an attempt to create a greater sense of personal value to the States. For example, the drive to become self sufficient with oil may resonate very strongly with US citizens but not necessarily with the Middle East. It is important to remember that the planets of Venus and Mars work in a pair, and as the ingress Venus opposes Jupiter in the Yod, one must consider with a wider consciousness the impact of any major decisions made at this time. However, the ingress Moon opposes the natal Saturn, which offsets any global consideration with the commitments made to the people of the US. But the ingress Moon at 14 of Aries is an impulsive Moon that must be careful not to innovate too quickly without considering the longer term consequences. There may also be a note of caution to avoid protectionism.

Finally we look at the EU Treaty of Rome (March 25 1957 6:30pm CET). Pluto in transit has been wobbling over the IC of the Treaty chart for some time now (7’15” Capricorn). Having made its final pass, Pluto is squarely in the 4th house, otherwise known as the end of the matter. Saturn in the 2nd house indicates the restriction of resources and Jupiter forms the Yod by reaching out through the 9th house and in conjunction with the Treaty’s Mars; although in transit Jupiter will refrain from aspect, going direct at 6 degrees of Gemini. The ingress Venus in the 3rd house of the Treaty chart shows how the EU will become absorbed with finances in every day life. The ingress Mercury conjuncts the Treaty’s Saturn in the 3rd suggesting that, like the US, imaginative trade in exports might keep the EU wheels turning a little longer. The Ingress Uranus conjuncts the Treaty’s Sun however, and this might indicate some sudden and very painful reforms in order to keep the Eurozone from collapsing sooner rather than later. When the Uranus Pluto square returns in April 2013, Uranus will be exactly on the Treaty’s unaspected Mercury, suggesting that this will be the deciding point as to whether trade will sink or swim the Euro.

In conclusion I believe that in 2013 we have a small time window to expand our thoughts and ideas beyond that which governments have sought to make happen. Governments have sought to cure the present financial crisis with austerity measures. Some countries may survive the ill treatment but none will escape the consequences and will want to ensure that nothing like it can ever happen again. This will mean a complete rethink about how our financial system works. But some of those in power are still under the illusion that once the current crisis is over we can go back to how it was. It is those people who will now allow us to suffer until even they will not be able to hold back the need for reform. But that is a story for 2014.


  1. Businesses gone into administration in January include Blockbuster video and HMV. In December 2012 it was Jessops and Comet.

    People in power who think that it is right to keep things the way they are? The US National Rifle Association after the shooting of 20 school children with an assault rifle. These represent the organisations that must be swept aside by the will of the people.

    Howard Archer, the chief economist at forecasting house IHS global insight, warns that snow could cause a triple dip recession. The question here is whether you want to believe a well respected economist or some charlatan of an astrologer, who predicted it way, way before the first snowflake even contemplated falling; Nod to for highlighting the story.