Saturday, 16 August 2014

Lunation 25 August 2014 and Mars Saturn conjunction.

The New Moon of 25 August 2014 @ 2:12pmBST comes just a mere five hours before the exact conjunction of Mars and Saturn. In the UK 1801 chart the New Moon appears in the 11th house of diplomacy and the government’s resources while the Mars Saturn conjunction appears in the 2nd house of the National wealth.

A notable observation of this lunation is that the New Moon (in Virgo) is not quite midpoint but certainly sits between the UKs secondary Saturn (25Leo09) and secondary Mars (6Virgo18) while the transiting Mars Saturn conjunction (17Scorpio40) is conjunct natal Neptune (Secondary Neptune has traveled only a few degrees since 1801 going direct and then retrograde).

The current world stage is beset with war, primarily within the Middle East but in no way contained there. Russia, America and China are in some way involved, particularly where the desire to protect oil and gas is concerned. The overall flavour of the wars appears to be that of civil, ethnic and religious groupings. Countries are not some much fighting other countries as they are imploding on themselves. What is unfortunate is that nations whose export includes the sale of arms are quite happy to feed these wars for the profit they make in sales; and this includes the UK.

Now there’s one thing selling arms to those who wage war but quite another to start spending the country’s money to get involved in war. The US has often used the UK as a support for it’s actions. Currently, as the civil conflict in Iraq starts to escalate and the conflict in Israel / Palestine builds in intensity, more pressure is applied to contain the disruption of the flow of oil to the Western world. For the UK there is not only the concern about the uncertainty of oil but for Westminster there is the uncertainty over its own oil if Scotland votes for independence in September. So oil (and gas) for the UK is very much on the agenda.

To make matters worse for the UK government, there is a large volume of gas destined for UK shores coming via the gas pip lines from Russia. So the Ukraine conflict is also worrying. And to add to the misery, the majority of the UK public are against the government’s desire to being fracking.

The UK is a small island, so there is a likelihood that any fracking operation would need to drill horizontally under people’s homes. Under current legislation this cannot be done, which is way in August there is a consultation underway to change the trespass laws that would remove this obstacle. Campaigners against fracking have mounted a strong resistance, particularly at the sites where test drilling has taken place. The UK population do not want fracking at all. It is the sort of clash between people and government that could case civil conflict.

The UK government has recently purchased three water cannons to use against the UK population if they protest too loudly or make too much noise against government policy. Freedom of speech appears to be illusional at best.

Transiting Pluto still sits close enough to the world axis that the Uranus Pluto square is in operation against world leaders. Fundamental reform is the only thing that will make progress but the powers that be would rather create war than make the changes. At this point with the Mar Saturn conjunction the potential to escalate conflict within the UK is strong. One should point out that the UK Neptune is historically steeped in fraud and corruption, so the potential by the people to wage war on that corruption is equally strong.

Jupiter sits in the 10th house at 8Leo48, exuding confidence and promises of ‘getting the job done’ but the level of hubris will get worse, as within 5 days Jupiter crosses to the 11th house, conjunct the UKs secondary Sun and joins the madness of the world stage in the insane belief that involving themselves more in conflict is in some way going to solve it; not even thinking about trying to solve the reasons it started.

The only thing that the general population can do is to be aware that the UK government are not acting in the best interests of the people; they will be acting to maintain the UK’s influence on the world stage. Given how the world stage looks, one wonders why anyone would want to be a part of it other than to claw as much fiat currency to it’s shores as it can (plus make a fortune from selling perpetual war). So the people are lost in the equation, which is why fundamental reform, both political and financial is crucial by 2020. The stakes could not be higher. The people of the UK must become more politically aware of what is going on behind the main stream media news or perish through ignorance.

The financial stability of the world is about to disintegrate. It is more of a case of when rather than if. The potential for stock market crashes have been around for almost a year but every time the banks push money into the system ‘quantitative easing’ it holds the inevitable off for a little while longer.

In the UK the debt bubble bursting is under threat from an aggressive booming house price bonanza. London is seeing double digit house price increases as investors move away from high risk stock market shares and into property. Wages on the other hand are at their lowest ever in terms of keeping up with the economy. The gap between rich and poor has never been more apparent. The Bank of England sees the housing bubble as a threat and it may force them to raise interest rates.

But even a quarter per cent interest rate hike will place millions of mortgage payers into the threat of defaulting on their payments. The Bank of England tells us that we could see an interest rate increase as early as November.

However, if the stock market crashes in October then all plans made to date would have to be hastily revised. Some astrologers have been aware that August 2015 starts the real downward spiral (once again probably notable October 2015) but there is plenty of room for drama between now and then as governments pretend that the economy os growing while they continue to hold of debt by adding yet more debt.

The Virgo lunation is therefore going to be a month of frustration, with analysts trying to spin their pet theory into a fitting explanation that is not an economic crash. The government will try to convince us that more war is good for the world. We the people may find no respite in our lunatic leader’s rhetoric. And perhaps the only way we may become the change we want to see is to be more vocal about what we want our next government to be.

With transiting Mars and Saturn on natal Neptune in the UK 1801 chart, there may well be the possibility that we could see ebola come to our shores. Globally the ebola outbreak is set to reach epidemic proportions this month. Mars and Saturn is no stranger to death in whatever form it chooses to take. 


  1. A British aid worker contracted ebola and was flown to a North London hospital for treatment in the UK. He was given the experimental drug (don't know the name) and made a full recovery.

    Also throughout the month of September it has been reported that the ebola virus is spreading throughout Iberia, Ivory Coast and Ghana. Efforts to contain the spread of the disease has failed so far. The death toll, that we know of, now stands at around 2500