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Astrology New Year chart 2013

New Year chart 2013

by Shane Ward - Written 25 July 2012

It is a date that is celebrated more than Christmas. The date of January 1st at midnight is a time to look forward to the future and hope for good things. So important was this date considered that many countries National charts came into existence on New Year’s Day.

After the 7 years war (1756 1763), Great Britain was short of money and looked to the American colonies as a way of plugging the financial whole. The Stamp Act of 1765 lasted no longer than one year when, with a change of Prime Minister, it was repealed. But it was only repealed on the proviso that the Declatory Act was passed instead, giving Great Britain the right to pass laws (and possibly impose further taxes) on the colonies. On 8 March 1766 the Act was passed, giving rise to the groundswell of resentment that led to the American Declaration of Independence. Pluto was at 9 degrees of Capricorn and its first return to that degree area, some 247 years later, includes the New Year Chart of 2013. What makes this degree area important is that the Sun is at 9 degrees of Capricorn on the 1st of January.

For European countries with a National chart starting on New Years Day, and this includes the UK, it places the Sun firmly on the root of the chart at the beginning of the 4th house. Our roots, our heritage and the subconscious aspects of our lives are all symbolically represented at this angle. It sits in opposition to the place to where we aspire to achieve and provides the very foundation upon which we build our lives. And on January 1st 2013, when the Sun once again gives us pause to consider our aspirations for the year ahead, the mighty planet Pluto will be in conjunction with that point. This symbolises a fundamental change that, if history is the benchmark on which to draw comparisons, will see the old foundation of our lives obliterated beyond recognition.

Pluto is the planet of rebirth and regeneration. The Universe demands that we burn the dross of old and outmoded functions in order to make way for inevitable change. It is the course of natural evolution that may take many years to be seen and I believe that this particular stage in our evolution is an important one.

In the New Year chart for the UK, Pluto is only a few minutes from crossing the third to the fourth house but is still close enough to be considered as ‘applying’ to the fourth house degree area. Consider how you might feel if you were standing in front of an oncoming train, how much its proximity might influence what you do next. In this analogy, the exact point of a planet reaching the degree area in question would be the same as when the train actually hits you. The only difference between the analogy of the train and Pluto applying to a degree area is that while you might sense what is coming - Pluto will take many years before what you registered subconsciously comes to light.

In secondary progression for example (where one takes the symbolic movement in of planets in the sky for one day to represent one year) Pluto will not reach the UK fourth house until June 2026. At this time transiting Neptune will conjunct the point where Uranus stands in the 2013 New Year chart. So if one considers that left wing politics (Neptune) joins the point of right wing politics (Uranus) it may take 13 years of Plutonian pressure for the regeneration of the path of evolution to strip away the partisan obstacles – none of which matters to those in need – in order to redress a greater balance between how rich and poor can co-exist without excessive power at one end and excessive poverty at the other.

Examples of the changes already in progress can be given today. The awesome power of Pluto in square to Uranus can be seen in the enormous shifts of the Arab Spring, the worldwide banking debt crisis, the Eurozone crisis, healthcare crisis, prisons crisis, pensions crisis. The need for wholesale reform seems to have touched every corner of the world. So the stage is already set but all the actors have yet to be revealed. Take Syria as an example. Bashir Assad is part of the old set up. He and his regime are the outmoded element that Pluto is set to remove – by force if necessary; Uranus demands reform and the Uranus Pluto square will still be applying in 2013. The change absolutely must happen and people will fight to the death to make it happen. So make no mistake about the rest of the list; Change WILL happen, and it is up to those involved to decide if they want it the easy way or the hard way. But equally important, it is up to us, the little people, to get involved in shaping what we want our future to become.

The Sun (in Saturn’s sign) is in conjunction with Pluto, which means that the leadership of the world are very much aware that change must happen. They must be part of the change or will have to step aside for someone else. The Sun / Pluto is also in sextile to Saturn, so from the Sun’s point of view it is already clear that the structures (Saturn) in place need changing but with Pluto in the frame they also know that plastering over the cracks of the current structure / system is not good enough.

Saturn is in a returning sextile to Pluto and is a fundamentally crucial time for any evolutionary cycle but with Pluto at the root of a New Year chart, the importance of the sextile is amplified – and it is personal to the very root of its people. It is burrowed deeply into the instinctive subconscious of the collective unconscious. Enough has already been experienced by the people for them to realise that it is in their personal interests to promote better structures. The Eurozone crisis may be particularly sensitive to this closing Saturn Pluto cycle and we may even see the Euro slowly crumble to dust.

The Moon in the Sun’s house of Leo shows the people concerned about their personal wellbeing and they want to be placed at the centre of future changes. And because the Moon is in the Sun’s house and the Sun is in Saturn’s house and Saturn is in Pluto’s house – everything comes back to Pluto. Everyone wants change. But it must be noted that not everyone wants the same change, and we must be very wary about how Saturn in Scorpio can promote secret structures, hidden agendas and behind the scenes negotiations.

A curious indicator to this lies in the connection between the Sun and Moon. The Sun is semi-square to the Moon’s North Node (The North Node is the direction the Moon is travelling in) and the Moon is in trine to the North Node. Sometimes it is easy to see where you are heading if you do nothing about it but very hard to change course if the actions required are unfamiliar to you. Sometimes the damage is already done, like the global economy for example, and the only thing you think you can do is hope that the experts can find a way out of it. But what if they can’t? What if the damage is terminal? At what point do we as individuals start to become involved? The North Node is in the sign of Scorpio, which suggests that everyone should at the very least try to understand what is happening. It is only by our understanding how we got into this mess that we can make the right decisions to ensure a more secure economic system for the future.

Neptune, normally the planet associated with fraud and deception, has started its journey through its own sign of Pisces, striking a very strong chord in tune with the awareness around Universal (or at least global) ideals. In whatever evolves at this time it is more than likely to include ideals designed not only to last but also ideals that will be of benefit to all. Finally, while Neptune remains in Pisces, we may get to realise how the entire monetary system is based on the illusion of confidence, how pensions were based on a system about as doomed as any pyramid scheme, about prisons so full that we have failed as a society and poverty so endemic that one truly does wonder whether we should consider the concept of a world without money, becoming a resource economy what would wipe out the concept of poverty and reality of starvation overnight.

Back to the 2013 New Year chart and we see that Neptune is in square to Jupiter in Gemini (Mercury’s sign. Mercury in Capricorn, Saturn’s sign, Saturn in Scorpio leading us straight back to Pluto). Jupiter’s belief systems are going to be the challenge to Neptune’s ideals, simply because individuals and nations are not in agreement as to what channel the evolution of the human race should be channelled. Huge gaps exist between religious doctrines and between political regimes.

Also Jupiter is in an inconjunct aspect to Pluto. The masses (Jupiter) of money (Pluto) is not working for the global collective. The world’s economy has run into a bit of a problem because too few people have accumulated too much money, while the majority of people, who have very little money, are expected to carry on consuming at ever greater rates to maintain the illusion of ‘growth’. Since the 1970s (just after the Uranus Pluto conjunction) the illusion of growth has been perpetuated with the introduction of plastic (virtual) money and debt. Now at the Uranus Pluto square we see the effects of unfettered market economies – especially the money market – where freedom (Uranus) to evolve (Pluto) without boundaries (Saturn) leads to chaos. Jupiter demands participation and according to this inconjunct aspect, the people are not being considered as central to any new solution or reform.

Jupiter is also inconjunct to Saturn, which should be noted as significant enough to consider within its cycle because the two planets are the societal planets and work quite visibly on the material world in their 20-year cycle. In 2010, when the cycle was in opposition, there was a time for reflection on how society should move forward. We can tell now that the politicians were not the only ones who were not being honest with us. Institutions that we have entrusted to facilitate our daily lives and the security of our old age have let us down. Our participation (Jupiter) in the general order (Saturn) of life is being stagnated rather than enriched. It is perhaps no coincidence that the International Monetary Fund has indicated austerity until at least 2020, when the Jupiter Saturn cycle starts with a new conjunction.

Venus and Mars, another planetary partnership, are important to consider in relation to each other. Venus desires and Mars acts. Without Venus, Mars has no meaningful desire to act, so the cycle is an important one to consider.

Interestingly Venus is in trine with the Moon (the people) and Mars is in trine with Jupiter (our participation) but the only link between the two is a small but very close semi-square almost midpoint to the Sun Pluto conjunction. What it signifies is very important to the people who are not powerful or mega rich who would like to keep everything as it is thank you very much.

Venus in Sagittarius is going to take a global view of any issues. It sees the world’s economic crisis as symptomatic of a huge problem – too huge in fact for the likes of an individual to have any effect or impact big enough to make a change (which is what the rich and powerful are counting on). The ease aspect of the trine expresses the ease with which we can all grumble about the state of the world but consider our individual resource (Moon in Leo) as not much of a contribution. So we give up and trust that someone else (Venus Mars semi-square) will actually do something. But Venus is in Jupiter’s sign and Jupiter is in trine to Mars, thereby offering a possible link to how the little person can have an impact. We can do (Mars) something by participation (Jupiter) particularly in writing (Jupiter is in Gemini, ruler of the printed word) and by speaking out as a group (Mars is in Aquarius).

Furthermore, Mars in Aquarius is in sextile aspect to Uranus in Aries, creating a mutual reception, giving us the opportunity (which is what the sextile aspect offers) to use the freedom of the Internet and various emerging pressure groups, like Avaaz and 38 degrees, to join our voices together in the hundred thousands – even the millions. (Avaaz, for example, has 15 million members at the time of writing this article). Even Mercury (communication) is in square to Uranus, implying that if we want our voice to be heard we have to say something where it counts. So it is time to shake off the apathy. There is no point in barstool preaching because the people who think you don’t care enough to do anything about it not in the bar. We have to act together where it will count to make the changes we want to see. The Arab Spring started on the Internet.

So the 2013 New Year chart gives the world, no – gives you the individual - the opportunity to get involved and to become part of the solution. Politics is changing and people power on the Internet is possibly why governments have been so keen to attempt slapping bans and gagging orders on it. We already know that we cannot rely on the probity, responsibility and integrity of any large profit making organisation or the associations that they donate money to. So now you must decide if you are happy for them to make changes on your behalf without consulting you – or do something about it.

If you bear in mind that changes will happen with or without us, the significant difference being that if we get involved there is much more of a chance that the changes we would like to see have a chance of happening. And if you don’t? Well let’s just say you might not like the alternatives. Pluto does not sit on the fence. You will be dragged in, so the question really is whether you do it willingly or unwillingly.

Oh yes, and Happy New Year.

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