Wednesday, 27 May 2009

We Live in Insulting Times

Today David Cameron rejected Alan Johnson's idea to hold a referendum on electoral reform (The Times) saying "Proportional Representation takes power away from the man and woman in the street and hands it to the political elites".

Turn over a few pages and Mr Cameron says in his speech on political reform that people are not just angry at the expenses abuse but "...they are the result of people's slow but sure realisation that they have very little control over the world around them and over much that determines whether or not they'll live happy and fulfilling lives".

So why is that then Mr Cameron? Is it perhaps because, under this First Past the Post system that power has been taken away from the man and woman in the street and handed to the political elites?

And anyway, what's all this about people's slow but sure realisation? How insulting is that? The electorate are much shrewder than you think and it is one of the reasons why people press for electoral reform, vote for different political persuasion or, as in many cases, don't vote at all!

If this is the Prime Minister of the future we are all going to hell in a handbag.

What the little people need is for the politician we vote for to represent the people and not be press-ganged into voting what the party wants. Otherwise we might as well just vote for a party and say who cares what MP represents us if they are all going to vote the same way as all the other MPs?

The Conservative Party and the Labour Party have too much of a strangle hold over our country. They are the political elite and we have had enough of being ignored. The so-called progressive Conservatives still want to abnegate the responsibility for anything and Labour wants to control everything. Neither way has worked in the past and it will not work in the future. Yes we need a new kind of politics but I believe we may need new political bodies to achieve the kind of change that the people want to see.

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